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How should a soccer cleat fit

5 Reasons Why Wearing the Right Soccer Cleats is Crucial During a Game

The use of the right soccer cleats is critical for all players. Needless to say, cleats are different from a regular pair of shoes, as they help you improve your game, and keep you safe on the playing field. There are plenty of reasons why wearing the right soccer cleats is essential. 

5 Reasons Why Wearing the Right Soccer Cleats is Crucial During a Game


Soccer cleats vary a lot in terms of features and design. That is why you can’t just pick a pair of soccer cleats and play with them. They might not be the right fit for you and can bite you in crucial parts of the game.  

Better Fit

When it comes to footwear, fit is paramount. However, it isn’t just about picking the right size. You also have to consider the upper material, insoles, and lacing system, amongst others.


Insoles provide cushioning so you lessen stud pressure. You want insoles to have the right balance, not too thick or thin. Some players also have different foot needs, therefore, some players opt to get separate insoles.

Lacing System

The lacing system can affect how soccer cleats mold and fit to your feet. You can modify it to have more/less tightness on different parts of the foot. A deep lacing system allows for a custom lockdown.

Position Advantage

Another reason for wearing the right soccer cleats is the position you play. Wearing the right soccer cleats may give you that slight edge over your competition. As we mentioned, soccer cleats differ in what they offer to you in a game, and that also applies to what position you play in.



For offensive players like forwards, you would want to wear lightweight soccer cleats. They usually are made in low-cut to lessen the weight as much as possible. It also does not restrict your ankles for better movement.


Midfielders are versatile position players. They can go in the offensive or help with the defense. If you are a balanced player like a midfielder, then a low or mid-cut soccer cleat might suit you.

Defenders and Goalkeepers

Since defensive players often get into contact, they need extra balance and support, as well as protection. Soccer cleats with a well balanced stud pattern might be a good option.

Upper Material Preference

Most soccer players prefer wearing upper material made with kangaroo leather. They are extremely durable and provide excellent ball control. The upper part of your soccer cleats is the most important area since it’s where you make most contact with the ball. Kangaroo leather also is comfortable to the feet. It’s also surprisingly lightweight. They are one versatile material for offensive and defensive roles, and they are probably the best in terms of durability and comfort.


Soccer cleats aren’t just for show, they are essential when playing the beautiful game; and wearing the right cleats is even more important to perform at your true peak level.


Written by Tim Frechette. Edited by UNOZERO.


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