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An Inside Look: How UNOZERO shoes are made

An Inside Look: How UNOZERO shoes are made

Shoemaking can be a beautiful process, and at UNOZERO, we are proud of our shoemakers, the conditions in which they work, and ultimately, the result of it all, a fantastic line of boots loved by footballers around the world.

Here is a (summarized) inside look of how UNOZERO boots are made:

The production of all UNOZERO boots start with the selection of premium leather to be used for our uppers.

leather close up

The leather is cut and stitched to specification, while the right amount of padding is added in the right areas.


 The upper then gets lasted to give the shoe its shape.


Once the upper has achieved the desired shape, it is attached to the soleplate. Not only are the soles glued to the upper, but they are also stitched, in order to prolong the life of the boot.


Final touches lead to a final inspection, ensuring no details are missed. The result, the most comfortable and best fitting boots in the game.

 final touches



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