Ambassador Program

Do you live and breathe the beautiful game?
Do you want to be part of UNOZERO's global growth as we bring quality and style to every soccer pitch?
If so, then apply to our ambassador program today!

Perks and Responsibilities

- Sneak peeks and early access to new products 
- Exclusive discounts
- Earn commissions
- Promote UNOZERO on social media and engage with followers
- Participate in content creation and generate buzz for the brand online & offline
- Have a chance to be featured on our social media and marketing campaigns
- Earn UNOZERO branded rewards
- And MORE! 

Featured Ambassador:

- Name: Fynn J.

- Age: 18

- From: Massachusetts, USA

- Position: Winger, #9, #10

- Why UNOZERO?:  They are the step up from other leather options (copas, tiempos, etc.). They provide the best stability and grip of any shoes I have ever used. Plus, the cleats also look really slick, combining a classic design with modern technology.

- Best part about being an Ambassador: Feeling part of a brand that does things so differently from others. Also, love getting questions about the shoes on and off the pitch, which is validation of the work everyone that is part of Unozero puts in to it. Additionally, it is nice to be involved with a brand that shares not only your love for the game, but also your vision of how the game should be played, and how it should develop in the future.

- Goals: I want to pursue a career in futsal. I’m hoping to start playing at a high level while I attend university in Germany starting next year, while studying some form of sports management. Growing my sport would be my dream job. I also coach, so working in sports management and/or coaching would be ideal.