UNOZERO boots run true to size, and they provide a 'custom-like' fit, as the leather upper molds to the foot. 


Size References

NIKE: Nikes tend to run small. Consider going half a size down on UNOZEROs. (e.g. US 8.5 in NIKE = US 8 in UNOZERO)

ADIDAS (not Copa Mundial): Adidas sizing runs comparable to UNOZERO sizing. (e.g. US 8.5 in Adidas = US 8.5 in UNOZERO)

ADIDAS Copa Mundial: they run big, so consider going half a size up. (e.g. US 8.5 in Copa Mundial = US 9 in UNOZERO)


 For Women’s sizing, please add 1.5 sizes (i.e. Men’s US 8 = Women’s US 9.5)


UNOZERO Men’s Adult Sizes

sizing table

Between sizes?

- For tight fit, go one size down
- For loose fit, go one size up

Getting the right fit
- For the best fit, measure your feet at the end of the day


If you have any additional questions about our sizing, please send your inquiry to  for further assistance.