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Everyday Ballers - Volume #5

Everyday Ballers - Volume #5

On this episode, we would like you to meet Jonathan and Ugwum. Two players for whom football is a way of life.


Meet Jonathan

Jonathan Soccer

(Jonathan wearing his White UNOZERO Modelo 1.0 cleats)


Name: Jonathan Munguia

From: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Based: Anchorage, AK, USA

Age: 25


'When I step onto the pitch, I feel nothing else exists outside those four lines'


Jonathan started playing at a young age, and credits his siblings for helping him with his development as a player. After playing in Nevada for Las Vegas Knights, Jonathan is now in Alaska playing for Arctic Rush FC where he continues to excel.

- When did you start playing?

I started playing the beautiful game in 2011, where I played for my High school team back home in Las Vegas.
- What’s the most competitive level you’ve played?
Thanks to my brothers and a close friend I learned a lot and progressed quickly in my development as a player , because of there support  I got an opportunity to play  2nd Division Indoor soccer (MASL2). In the season of 2018 /2019 I played with the Las Vegas Knights. Currently I am playing with Arctic Rush (UPSL) for the 2021 spring/summer season.
- What do you like the most about your boots?.
They are really comfortable and light, not to mention when I was breaking in the boots they did not hurt at all!
Meet Ugwum
Ugwum with boots

Name: Ugwum O.

From: Enugu, Nigeria

Based: Houston, TX, USA

Age: 46


'My dream is to own the best football academy in Africa'


Ugwum is a busy man. He runs an academy in Nigeria, is a grassroots referee/coach in the Houston area, and is a FIFA intermediary and scout. He understands the social benefits football can bring to a community, and his ultimate goal is to run the best academy in Nigeria and Africa, and be able to assist those in need.


- What’s your football resume?


Played back in Nigeria at the college level, and am now a coach, referee, scout, intermediary, and Academy Owner.


- What do you like the most about your boots?


They are very comfortable, light, easy to clean, and are made with very good quality leather.


- Why do you love the beautiful game?


It is a level playing field where people compete against one another, and it is not predictable. I love the game. 


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