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Laces beat Laceless Cleats

Laces beat Laceless Cleats

In a market full of gimmicks, logic prevails. Laces will always provide a better fit and lockdown than laceless boots.

Laceless boots are a one-size-fits-all proposition. Either the boots fit perfectly, or they simply do not, as there is no way to adjust them. AND the only real way to get a perfect fit with a laceless boot is if the shoe was created with your specific feet as guide. Did any of the designers asked for your feet dimensions?

That's what we thought....

Laces give the player the ability to adjust tightness as needed. A deep lacing system, like the one sported on all UNOZERO boots, allows the player to gain a custom-like lockdown, as the shoe can be adjusted as desired throughout.

So, don't fall for gimmicks. Get a better fit. Play better. Wear UNOZERO cleats.


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