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Players Profile, Volume 1 - A Family Affair

Players Profile, Volume 1 - A Family Affair

More than 99% of football matches are played by everyday ballers outside big arenas.
On this new series, we will highlight those who play in local leagues and pickup games, in grassroots teams and made up squads, as we want to share their stories on why they love the beautiful game.
On this episode, we would like you to meet Mike and Orlando, two UNOZERO players whose connection with the beautiful game is a family affair.
 (Michael in blue)

- Name: Michael N. 

- Age: 28 

- City: Anchorage, Alaska 

- Occupation: Soccer Coach 

- Most Competitive level of play: High school Varsity 

- Happiest memory on a pitch: Being in a strike partnership with my brother my senior year of high school. As well as, winning a state title.

- Current involvement with the game: Arctic Rush captain and general manager in Last Frontier Division of UPSL, and Soccer Coach for Alaska Rush and Service High School.

- Why UNOZERO: The full leather feel on the ball, and the comfort overall when coaching. I like showcasing a great product that is new to the game and contribute by showing the different corners of the world that Unozero has reached, bringing validity to the product and brand. I advise any player looking for a new pair of cleats to give the Unozero boots a chance, get away from the usual boots that everyone else wears.

- Why do you love the beautiful game? Growing up as a Manchester United fan, I understand the history behind the game and what it means to players of certain clubs and there is nothing like it in the world. 




- Name: Orlando G.

- Age: 34

- City: Austin, Texas 

- Occupation: IB Educator 

- Most Competitive level of play: Premier Indoor 

- Happiest memory on a pitch: Sunday afternoons after family cookouts

- Current involvement with the game: Player and Youth Coach

- Why UNOZERO: I am passionate about a product that defines the beautiful game, and greatly appreciate the attention to detail on the boots.

- Why do you love the beautiful game? Soccer has been with me in my highs and lows. It is my therapy, my religion and my passion. It has given me so much. For that, I am externally grateful and I hope to continue to enjoy the game in one form or another until the end. To me soccer explains the world.


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