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The Importance of the Ambassador Program to UNOZERO

The Importance of the Ambassador Program to UNOZERO

In April 2020, a few weeks after COVID hit, and a short 9 months since UNOZERO had launched, UNOZERO launched the Brand Ambassador program. Soccer was halted worldwide, but soccer enthusiasts were dreaming of a time in the near future when they could go back into the field. We were all stuck home, and the Ambassador interviews provided us at UNOZERO, and to the Ambassadors, an avenue to connect with the outside world, specifically with other people who love The Beautiful Game.

All ambassadors have two things in common: They are passionate about soccer/football, and they value quality cleats/boots.

This blog post is dedicated to our Brand Ambassadors, a group of soccer enthusiasts who joined our brand as ambassadors because they believe in our brand. They vouch for our quality and for the comfort of our cleats, and little by little, have made our brand more known within their local networks of soccer players and enthusiasts.

Our Brand Ambassadors have been key to the success of UNOZERO. There is no more organic way to grow than by word of mouth of satisfied players and coaches. Footballers who value the comfort that our cleats provide, and the fact that a comfortable fit allows them to focus on what is truly important: The Game. Marketing gimmicks are not part of our DNA. Our offer is honest and simple: by offering a superior comfortable fit, you can perform at your own true peak level.

Our Ambassadors also serve as our advisors. They get sneak peeks into products we are developing, and they get to voice their opinions and preferences. It’s a win-win, they get to shape a brand they believe in and to shape the products we launch, and UNOZERO gets advice from a very relevant audience, to ensure our products are successful.

Our Ambassadors have other ways to help UNOZERO grow, while receiving benefits. One way we are very proud of is the UNOZERO Community Building Initiative. With this initiative, we collaborate with our brand ambassadors who organize local soccer events in their communities. By offering items like trophies for MVPs, UNOZERO giveaways, and discounts on our products for event participants, we add enthusiasm and credibility to the events. Any incentive to organize local events is a win-win-win for the brand, the ambassador, and their communities. As a soccer-centric brand, the greatest service we can offer our Ambassadors is to support their local soccer communities. This is one of our main drivers, to continue to support local soccer communities, while growing UNOZERO's awareness.

Thank you to the UNOZERO Brand Ambassadors. Thank you for what you have done to date, and we look forward to the continued success that awaits us. We will continue to support your local efforts and soccer communities.

Keep up the good work!

If you are interested in becoming a brand Ambassador, apply here


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