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Why You Need AG Soccer Cleats on Artificial Grass Fields

Why You Need AG Soccer Cleats on Artificial Grass Fields

As more and more soccer players turn to artificial grass fields for their games and practices, it's becoming increasingly important to have the right kind of cleats. While regular soccer cleats may work on natural grass, they're often not designed for the specific challenges of artificial grass fields. That's where AG soccer cleats come in.

AG soccer cleats, or artificial grass soccer cleats, are specially designed to provide traction and stability on the unique surface of artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, which can be uneven and unpredictable, artificial grass is a consistent and uniform surface. However, it also has different properties than natural grass, such as being more abrasive and causing more wear and tear on traditional soccer cleats.

AG soccer cleats are designed to address these differences. They typically have shorter studs and/or a more numerous amount of smaller studs than traditional soccer cleats, which helps to provide better traction on artificial fields. They also often have a more durable sole and upper, to withstand the abrasiveness of the surface.

UNOZERO AG cleats are specifically designed for artificial grass fields, with a range of features to help players perform at their best. Here are just a few reasons why UNOZERO AG cleats are a great choice:


  • Short conical studs: UNOZERO's AG cleats feature 23 short conical studs, strategically positioned to help distribute pressure evenly across the sole of the shoe. This can help reduce the risk of injuries and provide better traction on artificial grass fields.
  • Lightweight design: UNOZERO AG cleats are designed to be lightweight, which can help players move faster and more easily on the pitch.
  • Quality materials: UNOZERO uses high-quality materials in their AG cleats, including a leather upper and a rubber outsole. This provides enhanced durability and protection on the abrasive surface of artificial grass fields.

If you're a soccer player who regularly plays on artificial grass fields, investing in a pair of AG soccer cleats is a must. And if you're looking for a high-quality, reliable pair of AG cleats, UNOZERO is a great brand to consider. With focus on performance, UNOZERO AG cleats can help you take your game to the next level.



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