White Modelo 1.0 FG

White Modelo 1.0 FG

White Modelo 1.0 FG


Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats.

The Modelo 1.0 is the most comfortable soccer boot in the game. Handmade in Italy with a premium full K-leather upper, it molds to the foot for a perfect custom-like fit. Featuring a midsole, stitched outsole, bladed conical studs and a deep lacing system, the Modelo 1.0 is built for the serious footballer who does not compromise on quality or comfort. 

Kit includes a 1oz leather cream and string bag, in a premium box.

FREE SHIPPING, RETURNS & EXCHANGES in the Continental USA. See FAQ page for details.

Shipping of this product to California is not available. 


product features

The Design: A Modern Classic 

We respect the roots, yet define a new relevance for the contemporary player. Classic colors and a timeless design that respect traditional elements, coupled with a modern last, reflective soleplate and metallic accents that highly modernize the cleat. 

The Origin: Made in Italy

Italian quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail in every pair of our handmade soccer cleats.

The Quality: Professional Grade

Our players range from high school to professionals, and all UNOZERO cleats are made with professional grade standards. Each pair is handmade by our expert shoemakers who have worked for decades with the best professional players in Europe.  

The Material: Kangaroo Leather

We only use the best regarded material for soccer cleats as it molds to the foot like a glove, providing a superior fit, comfort, durability, and protection.

The Insole: Balanced Cushioning

Provides cushioning while ensuring a natural, comfortable, and stable fit. 

The Midsole: A Critical Layer 

All UNOZERO cleats have a midsole between the insole and the outsole, which is crucial to providing durability and reduce stud pressure. 

Natural Movement: Flexes in The Forefoot 

Flexibility in the forefoot, and stability in the midfoot and heel area are crucial for a balanced fit and enhanced foot support.

The Studs: Bladed Conical 

Combines the benefits of conical and bladed studs. The conical shape provides rotation, while the bladed shape provides traction.

The Lacing: A Deep Lacing System 

The laces start closer to the toes than with a standard lacing system, allowing maximum adjustability and control of tightness on the entire foot, and thus providing a superior lockdown.  

The Padding: Balanced Comfort

The right amount of lightweight padding, in the right places, ensuring balance between a comfortable fit and excellent ball touch.

The Outsole: Firm Ground

Ideal for firm natural surfaces and newer generation artificial grass surfaces (3rd generation and newer).  

The Expert Reviews: Exceptional Soccer Cleat Reviews

Best Boots - Urban Pitch // Brand to Watch - SoccerCleats101 // 'Elegance at its finest ' - The18 // 'Incredibly comfortable from the start’’ – Cristian Benavente, FC Nantes // 'Feel like slippers ' - Official Boot Bible // 'Absolutely impressed ' -  YJ Football


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Amazing cleats

My soccer player has definitely found their new brand of cleats. They are amazingly soft and form to the foot vs an awkward pre formed almost hard plastic shoe. Placed the order and received it within 3days. We initially thought the cleats might be too small however my soccer player decided they liked the size.
I reached out via email to ask about returning and received and email with in hours on the process. Thankfully we don’t need to return them. I just want to say thank you as it is very rare-especially online to get help that quickly! Absolutely fantastic experience and quality! We will definitely be back!

Monica Levi
Wearing them since high school

I have been wearing models 1.0 since high school and love them. They last me the whole season and then some. They are super soft and look great on field.

Love my boots

Bought the black cali a year ago, very good boots. Sadly i havent try the model 1.0 because they dont ship kangaroo leather to California

Best feeling

As soon as I put on the boot I knew it was for me the comfort you get from this boot is outstanding, any position on the field it’s the boot for you

Freddy Muniz
Fantastic Cleats

By far the best and most comfortable cleats i have ever worn, when i first got them i expected them to be a little tight but they were a perfect fit right from the start, the texture of these cleats are unmatched and i will be purchasing from them again!