Black Modelo 1.0 AG

Black Modelo 1.0 AG

Black Modelo 1.0 AG


Artificial-Grass Soccer Cleats for Indoor and Outdoor Fields.

The AG Modelo 1.0 is the most comfortable soccer boot in the game. Handmade in Italy with a premium full K-leather upper, it molds to the foot for a perfect custom-like fit. Featuring a midsole and a deep lacing system, the Modelo 1.0 is built for the serious footballer who does not compromise on quality or comfort. 

Kit includes a 1oz leather cream and string bag, in a premium box.

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product features

The Design: Modern Elegance

Classic colors and en elegant design define the Modelo 1.0 boots. A modern classic fit for today's level of play.

The Material: Premium K-Leather

Lightweight and strong, our kangaroo leather contours and molds to the foot like a glove, providing a superior fit, durability, and protection.

The Origin: Handmade In Italy

Craftsmanship and attention to detail in every pair. Our soccer cleats are handmade in Italy in small batches by the same shoemakers who for decades have worked with the best professional players in Europe.

The Studs: Conical Form

Conical studs allow for stable rotation and traction.

The Outsole: Perfect Balance

Studs are strategically positioned to provide superior balance, stability, and durability.

The Lacing: Deep Lacing System

The laces start closer to the toes than on a standard lacing system, allowing for maximum adjustability and control of tightness on the entire foot, thus providing excellent lockdown.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jason Seaman
Early impressions are unreal!

I haven’t used them much yet. Only worn inside and juggled a bit, but my early impressions are off the charts. They feel like slippers. I usually wear size 12 and got 11.5 in these to account for stretch and I feel like they are right on. Can’t wait to use them properly.

Leon Chacin
A great performing boot

Very comfortable out of the box. There are no weird pain points when running. My heel stays in place very snuggly. The upper is very soft on the ball. It isn’t super thin so you get some cushion when striking the ball. Overall I really like these boots

These are the only cleats I now use

This is the first time I wear ag specif cleats, and I love them. Right out of the box, the shoes fit so well. The leather is very soft and molds great right away. Regarding the soleplate, it is low, so I feel very close to the ground, which gives great stability. One thing I really like is how light they are, so I feel fast, nimble. All on all, great cleats

Looks great, fucntionality not so great

First off, the style of this shoe is handsome. If there were such a thing as dress shoes for playing soccer these are it. The benefits of these shoes are that the touch on the ball is exquisite, you feel a close connection due to the thickness of the leather and the shape of the boot. However, unlike the other reviewers that have posted, I was underwhelmed by the quality of the K-leather. After my second use the leather flaked off by the outer edges of the toe box on both. The enthusiasm I had towards my purchase after the first use became tepid after seeing how the leather frayed like that. Although the stud shape and configuration were the aspects that initially enticed me to buy these boots, after several uses I felt a lack of stability from the type of the sole plate. I always use double socks and despite that I still feel the lack of stability from the style of this sole plate. These were my only AG boots, but I've decided to buy a second pair of AG boots from another brand.

Julius M.
Best cleats for artificial fields

the touch is amazing. I feel so close to the ball and the field while wearing these. They feel like a second skin to my feet.