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It seems inconceivable that even though soccer is the most played -and most beautiful- sport in the world, there is no single relevant brand exclusively dedicated to the creation of cleats for the king of sports.

UNOZERO was born out of a simple premise: the desire for a premium and refined quality performance cleat from a true soccer-centric brand. One that loves and cares about the integrity of the sport as much as the passionate players who practice it. A concept that embraces and glorifies soccer as it deserves, from both the technical and the artistic flank.

It's not vintage, it's a modern classic

At UNOZERO we prefer understated confidence over flashiness. We shy away from luminous, neon, bright colorways and instead bring a premium and elegant design that stands the test of time, a modern classic.

We focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality materials to ensure an optimal fit. Our cleats are hand-stitched in Italy by our expert shoemakers who for decades have made cleats for the best players in Europe. Made with an all kangaroo leather upper and a traditional lacing system, our cleats offer a true custom fit, as the leather molds to the foot over time.

No need to shout

Our branding proposal is rather discrete. Our cleats do not sport large or prominent logos that take up significant shoe real estate. Instead, we stitch and emboss color on color, so our players are not used as marketing billboards.

Our main intent is to design and produce shoes for integral players, for those that do not feel the need to show off. For those who love and respect the beautiful game and its core traditions.

Life’s about sensations

At the end of the day, what we remember from our lives are experiences and the emotions caused by the former. This is what UNOZERO offers: The best possible pair of cleats so you can enjoy the beautiful game as it was intended.


Written by: Raul Harlev


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