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The18 Interviews UNOZERO Founder, Sam Garzon

Interview with Sam Garzon, UNOZERO Founder

Interviewing Sam Garzon, The Founder Of Unozero Soccer Cleats. 

In a market that's dominated by industry giants, it’s difficult for smaller cleat brands to make an impact. Many have tried to redefine the cleat by removing its laces, adding a special “strike zone” or using a unique stud pattern, but when you boil all those features down, Sam Garzon and his team at Unozero only see a collection of gimmicks. 

How to clean and care for your leather cleats

How to clean and care for your leather cleats

Why do leather soccer cleats require care? We have to remember that leather is a skin, and as such, it requires hydration in order to stay soft to the touch, and not crack due to dryness. It is very important to periodically treat the leather in order to ensure it stays soft and strong for a long time. Learn how to clean and care for your leather cleats.