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The beautiful game

Soccer is a Game of Simplicity

One of the things we truly appreciate about soccer is its simplicity. All you need is a ball - or anything that serves as such - and the desire to play, that’s it. You can truly play anywhere.

Who hasn’t participated in a spontaneous soccer game? One where anyone watching is invited to join. One where there may be a goal net, or there may only be two t-shirts laid on the ground as goals. And somehow, the excitement of scoring a goal is always present.

There may be enough players to form teams, or maybe there are only two players passing the ball around, or just one player shooting and passing against a wall. The thrill of hitting the ball with your foot is pretty unique and special. It is that simple, and that is truly beautiful.


Simple Does Not Mean Easy

The game of soccer is simple, this is true, but this is not to say that playing soccer is easy. Johan Cruyff once said something that I have always found very interesting: "Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” It’s true, soccer is also a game of skillful art, and only few get to master it.


The Beauty of Simplicity in Soccer

This simplicity is what makes the game of soccer accessible, and this is in turn what makes soccer a universal sport. The simplicity is also what makes the sport so exciting, because it is easy to understand, follow and cheer on.

The simplicity of the game is just one of the reasons why we believe Soccer is The Beautiful Game.


You don’t need soccer cleats to play soccer, we have all played barefoot at some point. But if you do want to wear cleats and want a boot that matches the beauty of the game we all love, check out our boots.


Jun 10, 2021 • Posted by WUDI

Playing football is easy, but it is difficult to play football well

Jun 10, 2021 • Posted by Alexa Jordan

I agree, it is about simplicity. I get caught up in accessories sometimes (there’s a lot of fun ones thought! but it really is just about simple fun, like 5 year olds show.

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