It doesn’t matter if you call it soccer, futbol, football or le foot, what matters is that you recognize it as The Beautiful Game.

The Beautiful Game inspired the creation of UNOZERO, it is what guides us every step of the way. 

Why is Soccer called The Beautiful Game?

For us at UNOZERO, soccer is The Beautiful Game because:

It is a game of emotion, excitement, passion.

Those who truly live and breathe the beautiful game are lucky. They add a layer of emotional complexity to their lives. They allow themselves to feel intense emotion and excitement when participating in a soccer match – be it as a player or as a fan. For those lucky ones, soccer is a way of life… a passion.

It is the ultimate TEAM sport

Even the greatest players of all times rely on their teammates to make soccer beautiful. The saying “There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM” is perfectly exemplified in a game of soccer.

It is a game of skillful art. 

A painter can appreciate a beautiful piece of art, a writer can appreciate a beautifully written piece of literature, a dancer can appreciate a beautiful play,  and for a soccer fan, a high stakes match can surely be a beautiful spectacle to watch. Beautiful soccer, just like art, has the ability to convey emotion, and requires great skill to achieve. We like to say beautiful soccer is a game of skillful art

It is a game of simplicity. 

All you need is a ball - or anything that serves as such - and the desire to play, that’s it. It is that simple, and that is truly beautiful.

It is a game of tradition and culture.  

Soccer traditions are passed from generation to generation. For those who live and breath the beautiful game, soccer is part of their cultural identity. 

It is a universal sport.

It is a worldwide language that has the beauty to connect people from around the globe.The common love for the game will bring people together, regardless of their nationality, color, race, age, or native language. This is in fact, BEAUTIFUL.


For all these reasons, there is no question in our minds that soccer is The Beautiful Game. UNOZERO will always respect and honor soccer greatness, which is why we like to say: THE BEAUTIFUL GAME NOW HAS A BOOT TO MATCH.