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The beautiful game

Soccer Is A Game of Skillful Art

Some Say Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

A painter can appreciate a beautiful piece of art, a writer can appreciate a beautifully written piece of literature, a dancer can appreciate a beautiful play,  and for a soccer fan, a high stakes match can surely be a beautiful spectacle to watch.

Think of Zidane’s volley during the 2002 Champions League Final… wasn’t that just beautiful? Or when Roberto Carlos hit the most outrageous free kick goal against France in 1997…. it doesn’t get more beautiful than that, does it?

Not every soccer match is beautiful, just like a work of art can lack beauty. But beautiful soccer, just like art, has the ability to convey emotion, and requires great skill to achieve.


Beautiful Soccer is Comprised by a Symphony of Plays

Soccer is a particular form of art in that it requires teamwork, so in our mind, it is best compared to the art formed by a music band.

Some plays can be beautiful in “a cappella”, orchestrated by a single player. Think of Maradona’s unforgettable goal against England in Mexico 1986 (not the one with the hand…) 

But most beautiful plays, those that give us goosebumps, are orchestrated by combining the skills of individual players to create a symphony of plays. Think of Carlos Alberto’s goal against Italy in the 1970 World Cup Final… the definition of a fine-tuned unit.

These moments are beautiful to watch. Think of the satisfaction that being part of one of these beautiful plays would provide, it turns legendary, and it is greatly amplified when one can share the emotion with teammates, or those watching.

This compares to the satisfaction an artist gets when completing a work of art that conveys great emotion, and that others can enjoy.


The Art of Soccer Cleats

In so many senses, soccer is art. We like to say soccer is a game of skillful art. 

This has inspired UNOZERO since day one. Our production process is aimed at crafting boots as if they were wearable and highly functional works of art. The skill level and attention to detail that our shoemakers bring to every pair is very much comparable to that of an artist completing each individual work of art. And the result is a cleat capable of generating deep emotions. When a player puts on a pair of UNOZERO cleats, the sense of satisfaction, and the feeling of readiness for a match is palpable.

Being a game of skillful art is just one of the things why we believe Soccer is The Beautiful Game. If you want a boot that matches the beauty of the game we all love, check out our boots.




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