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The Beautiful Game Now Has A Boot to Match

The Beautiful Game Now Has A Boot to Match

The vision of soccer as The Beautiful Game is what inspired the creation of the UNOZERO brand and what inspires all our designs, which is why we say: The Beautiful Game Now Has A Boot to Match.


UNOZERO is not a sports brand, it is a soccer brand.

This is our first guiding principle, to not become a diluted brand, but to stay very much focused on the king of sports: soccer.


We are inspired by the all-time greats.

Starting with our name, which pays tribute to the number worn by the world’s greatest soccer players. Our brand embodies the qualities and excellence of the #10 player in everything we do.

Read more about our inspiration from the all-time greats here


Our designs embody a modernized reminiscence of yesterday’s soccer era.

Our designs are inspired by a vision to bring the greatness of yesterday’s soccer era to the modern days. As part of our design creation process, we deeply understand the feeling, the emotion, the excitement that we would get if we were able to see Pele, Puskas, Maradona, Gullit, Baggio, in a game today. Then we translate this precise feeling into our designs.

This results in what we call MODERN CLASSIC designs. They are divergent and elevated from the neon-wearing masses. They sport classic colors and timeless design that respect traditional elements, coupled with a modern last, a reflective soleplate and metallic accents that highly modernize the designs. We respect the roots, yet define a new relevance for the contemporary player.


We strive to grow a community of people that live and breathe The Beautiful Game. 

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and as such, has the ability to create connections among people from around the world like no other sport. We are inspired to create connections among people who feel that soccer defines them in one way or another. It doesn’t matter if you make a living playing it, if you coach it, if you write about it, if you play it recreationally, or if you are a fan of it, what matters is the common love for the game. The desire to share the love of the game with others will ensure a diverse community, where nationality, color, race and age are blurred lines.

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