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How to clean and care for your leather cleats

How to clean and care for your leather cleats


Why do leather soccer cleats require care?

Well, we have to remember that leather is a skin, and as such, it requires hydration in order to stay soft to the touch, and not crack due to dryness. It is very important to periodically treat the leather in order to ensure it stays soft and strong for a long time.

The Modelo 1.0 kit includes a 2 oz leather cream which is meant to be periodically applied to the leather upper. How often you apply it depends on how often you use your cleats, and how dirty they get. You do not need to clean them after each use, but there is no harm in applying the leather cream often. Cleaning them as needed will certainly help maintain the quality of the leather for a longer period of time. 

There are four simple steps you need to follow when cleaning and treating your boots:

  • With a dry cloth, remove all dirt and build up
  • Apply a small amount of leather cream onto a lint-free cloth
  • Rub cream on leather in a circular motion until the leather upper is fully coated
  • Let the cleats dry for 24 hours away from direct sunlight


Watch this short instructional video to see in action the steps described above, and as you will see, maintaining your boots healthy is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4).



The leather cream just moisturizes the leather, it does not add any color, so you can feel free to use it on any color of leather cleat that you own. Once you run out of the 2 oz of leather cream included with your kit, you can buy additional leather cream here


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