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Why is it so revered? There is one characteristic that helps us understand the root of all the benefits kangaroo leather offers. But first, we need to go microscopical. The uniform fibre layout of kangaroo skin runs parallel to its surface, weaving/composing in a sort of ropes arrangement. This natural peculiarity enables a type of strength not found on any other type of leather, and it gives way to multiple benefits: 

  • Resistance: when kicking a ball, the energy is evenly distributed around the area of impact. This avoids any micro-fractures of the fibre that could otherwise develop into a crack on the leather in the long term. 
  • Durability: Due to its shield-like property, kangaroo leather uppers tend to last longer than synthetic ones. An investment in a pair of leather cleats tend to supersede having to buy several pairs of plastic boots over time.
  • Strength and Lightness: Thanks to the molecular characteristics previously discussed, Kangaroo leather does not need to get shaved to decrease its thickness like other types of leather do. Kangaroo leather is up to three times stronger than other types of leather. It is naturally thin and strong, enabling a durable and light upper.
  • Tailor-made Feel: Since the material has the characteristics of an interweaving group of small ropes, it experiences a subtle expansion throughout that contours around the foot. So after a few uses, the cleat starts to feel like a custom made shoe. 
  • Zero Interference: Less material between you and the ball means a more natural and ‘real’ feel when controlling the ball.

These are some of the technical/physical reasons why kangaroo leather is highly seeked after, and why so many professional players prefer it over synthetics. In fact, many top players sponsored by big brands reach agreements where the player is required to wear the latest colorway/design, but the manufacturer is required to ‘paint’ the new design on a boot and ‘hide’ the fact they are actually kangaroo leather boots.

You no longer have to wonder ‘why kangaroo leather?’. Its physical properties make it resistant, light, and moldable. Perfect material for a ‘custom’ fit. Perfect for soccer cleats.


Written by: Raul Harlev


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