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Everyday Ballers - FIFA Referee Edition

Soccer referee gear

Name: Nick U.

From: Atlanta, GA, USA

Role: FIFA and MLS Referee

 Why did you become a Referee?

Soccer is a passion of mine - I played for 20+ years and always had a goal to be involved with the sport in any capacity. When I was just 11 years old, my dad used to officiate our local Sunday amateur league. He would always invite me to watch, but instead of just watching, I ended up grabbing a tree branch to use as my flag and start to mirror his movement and mechanics.

Players Profile, Volume 1 - A Family Affair

Players Profile, Volume 1 - A Family Affair
More than 99% of football matches are played by everyday ballers outside big arenas.
On this new series, we will highlight those who play in local leagues and pickup games, in grassroots teams and made up squads, as we want to share their stories on why they love the beautiful game.
On this episode, we would like you to meet Mike and Orlando, two UNOZERO players whose connection with the beautiful game is a family affair.